1 Accodone General Trading Application More ₹36,000.00BUY
2 AccoPlanter Plantation Management like Tea, Coffee, Cardamom etc. More ₹36,000.00BUY
3 AccoAuction Spices Board’s Cardamom e-Auction More ₹7,25,000.00BUY
4 AccoGCC VAT enabled General Trading Application for GCC More ₹1,72,000.00BUY
5 AccoInn Hotels, Resorts and Hospitality Management More ₹96,000.00BUY
6 AccoHeal Hospitals and Clinics More ₹1,32,000.00BUY
7 AccoRetail Billing and Inventory Management of Super Markets More ₹88,000.00BUY
8 AccoEduPlus Schools, Colleges and Training Institutes More ₹1,76,000.00BUY
9 AccoLite Billing Software More ₹9,600.00BUY
10 AccoServe Service Industries Like Advocates, Gym, Parlors etc. More ₹88,000.00BUY
11 AccoReal Application for Builders and Real Estate More ₹3,20,000.00BUY
12 AccoSoft Software Development, BPO Call Center etc. More ₹88,000.00BUY