? Can you describe the  features of AccoDONE ?

=AccoDONE  is A business application having the features of Financial Accounting, Inventory and Payroll. Its very user-friendly application so that any layman can be familiar with the using techniques in a short time span. It opens a form just like a regular Daybook all entries are done here only like purchase, sales, journals, debit notes, credit notes, stock transfers etc. If you have sufficient time, just have a look on the demo  link.

? How different is AccoAUCTION from features narrated in AccoDONE ? 

=AccoAuction is a customised  version for Cardamom e-Auctioneers.  It has all features of AccoTrade and additional features for managing Cardamom e-Auction.

Its fully GST enabled version.  In connection with e-Auction billing and accounting, I would like to introduce our software product ‘ACCODONE’ developed for managing Cardamom e-Auction. I have been in the field of cardamom auction and Software Development since 1991 and have sufficient knowledge in conducting cardamom auction and its allied activities. So, I believe that almost all requirements those needed for an Auction House are being considered and incorporated under this application. The simplicity in the working method of ACCODONE is an attractive factor which enable even a layman be familiar with the over all operations in a short time span.

The working methods of the software can be classified into 3 levels Pre-Auction , Live Auction and Post Auction operations.

Pre-Auction Operation:

It involves the Data Entry works belongs to each lot registered by planter/dealer like Lot No., Weight, Grade, Depot, Control Rate and Details of the Registered owner etc. These data entry should be completed before starting e-Auction.

Auction Live Operation:

It’s being performed during the auction time where the the Auctioneer need to input only Buyer Code and Rate to the Lot concerned. Immediately you will be able to have the following details. 1. Payable amount to the Planter/Dealer (Commission Bill Amount) 2. Payable amount to the Planter/Dealer (After deducting Charges) 3. Hard Copy of above both (Short Commission Bill) 4. Customized SMS to the planter gives details like Lot No., Kgs, Rates etc. immediately when rate is fixed. 5. While going on Auction, lot payments can be made just by entering the lot number. Automatically payable amount would be calculated and the same would be accounted promptly.

Post Auction Operation:

It’s ONE minute process by a single mouse click. No More Data Entry is required. Everything is ready now like statement for Lot Separation, Sale Bills to the Bidder, Commission Bills to Planter, Reports to be submitted to Spices Board, Agewise outstanding even final accounts like Trading, P&L and Balance Sheet including the account details of the auction just completed. Now you can have the Bills and Reports of that particular Auction as Printouts and there is option to export all reports to PDF/MS Excel/MS Word formats. Payments to Planters: It provides facility to make the payment of Lots immediately once the price is fixed in the auction. There are indicators to check whether any lots are being excess paid or paid in short. It enable the the auctioneer to evaluate prompt and accurate payment always. Payments from Dealers: Once an auction is completed, you would be able to generate age wise outstanding statement including the outstanding of immediately completed auction and it’s 11 previous auctions and one more column having all above dues and at final as of date outstanding. This enable the auctioneer to strictly monitor the bidders dues periodically without any special effort. I hope you might be convinced that there is no more works to be done through any other Accounting Software, manual books, Excel or any other media so that I assure you ‘AccoDone’ is capable to handle your auction works very efficiently and effectively.

GST compliance:

Its being designed compliance to The Central Goods and Service Tax act, 2017.

Setting of Security Levels:

The Administrator can set the security levels of each user those are authorized to use the application. They would be allowed the menu items those are legitimately permitted to. Further, each user is entitled to a fixed number of days to edit the previous entries so that unwanted manipulations can be avoided.

Customer Care :

We will provide 24x7x365 customer care.