What is ACCODONE ?

An integrated and comprehensive ERP solution designed to meet the needs of small to large businesses globally.  Accodone provides Accounting, Inventory and Payroll those are driven by most modern techniques of the era.  AccodoneScreen

It is an easy to use Application and is designed to simplify complex day to day activities associated in an enterprise.  Accodone provides comprehensive solution around accounting principles, inventory, payroll and it’s data integrity. Accodone also has feature encompassing global business. Accodone software comes with easy to use interface thus making it operationally simple. Accodone provides a solution around inventory management, stock management, invoicing, purchase order management, discounting, stock valuation methodology etc.

Configurable for varieties of  business models

Configure for complex organization business structures including multiple subsidiaries, business units, legal entities,  languages, and currencies.

Accodone accounting software also comes with drill-down options, which can track every detail of the transaction. It helps in maintaining simple classification of accounts, general ledger, accounts receivable and payable, bank reconciliation, etc.

Deploy On-Cloud or On-Premise Data Center

Choose between on-cloud or on-premise model based on your infrastructure, technology needs and medium to long-term growth plans.

The technology employed by Accodone makes data reliable and secure. Accodone software supports all the major types of file transfer protocols. This helps in connecting files across multiple office locations. Accodone is capable of undertaking financial analysis and financial management. It provides information on receivables turnover, cash flow statement, activity consolidation and even branch accounting.

Accodone is easy to set up and simple to use. A single connection can support multiple users. It can be easily used in conjunction with the Internet making possible to publish global financial reports. Accodone accounting software can seamlessly connect with various Microsoft applications.

Accodone provides Accounting, Inventory and Payroll. An ERP  solution having GST features, single/multi-user and single system server, remote server and cloud server options and more…

Any business owner understands the importance of maintaining proper books of account. This practice ensures that finance for the company is always in order and are correct at all given points of time. Company should always be aware of its financial positions.

Accodone provides a solution to all the problems real businesses have to encounter. The single software takes care of all tasks required for enterprise management. Accounting task such as records keeping, accounts receivable and payable management and bank reconciliation is made simple through Accodone. The software allows management of finances across multiple locations can handle multiple currency transactions, manage cash flow and interest payment.

Accodone has different editions those enriched with the features of domains concerned in addition to the basic features of Accodone. Very attractive price scheme is offered for limited period those are having GST compatible features.

Thus, Accodone software is flexible, reliable, secure, easy to use and affordable.